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my think tank

Friday, March 2, 2018


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A kid was blue because his dad raged hellfire upon him for flooding the house which turned into a catastrophe. the kid blustered out crying and ran out of the house because he couldn't bear the sham that he had brought upon himself.

 It started to rain when he decided to go towards the light where his friend would be waiting for him. But because of the rain drops that kept pelting his eyes made it all blur for him to see his path. It seemed as if the fog was creeping up on him, trying to grasp him in its hand, which made him feel as though he was in a rain forest surrounded by trees which looked identical to each and other everyone of them. This made that kid feel as though he was in a maze that he would never escape out of. It was as if he was trapped in a stone box with a widow that he could only fit his hand through. He was lead to a mixed feeling of aggressiveness and sadness. He fell down to his knees and started to scream at the top of his throat but is voice was choked by the sobs he couldn't contain. There was no one around for him to ask help from; but in between this horrible situation, he mustered up some courage and began to pray to Allah, for the solution to this situation:; and because the kid's strong faith in Almighty Allah, the respond was immediate. Suddenly, everything became quiet. There was no sound of the rumbling of the clouds nor the pattering of rain, except for the rustling of the leaves and the blowing of the wind. He finally felt peace with himself and closed his eyes. 
When the kid finished praying and opened his eyes. The sun began to peek from between the clouds, the fog began to lift and the path became clear. it all happened in a blink of an eye, Suddenly the kid felt a warm hand on his shoulders and when he turned to see who it was, he was surprised to see that it was his parents. They had came to forgive him and this made the kid realize that this was all because of Allah and his faith in him.He wiped his tears and smiled at his parents. If only he could have understood the power of dua (prayer) before, he thought. They all walked hand in hand back to the house.    

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

16 Hours nonstop

Garam anday Garam anday(boiled eggs)-It all started around 3:20 when I reached the train station. It was a really good day and were  leaving for Lahore by we I mean five of my friends and my guardian sir babar with his family. The train was suppose to depart at four pm and my friends reached there a half and hour early just like me and was the time to be there before the train leaves the station. Eventually i said my goodbyes to my brother and dad that came to drop me at the station and departed for Lahore.
I had lots of fun with my friends. We ate biryani for dinner with drinks, the biryani was awesome my friend Sheryar brought it but Isam, Saad (friends) and I only ate the biryani. We finished eating around eight pm and started preparing for the long night sleep. I choose to sleep on the right middle berth. It was not as cold as I imagined it would have been from my last experience, I slept in a sleeping bag it was quite comfortable.
I woke up in the morning seven thirty approximately and had a good night sleep. It had been twelve hours since the train departed from Karachi and four hours still left to reach Lahore. Saad and
Isam were awake till two am and were tired in the morning. only me, Saad and Sudais ordered breakfast. Others ate what they brought from home except for Isam he didn't had breakfast. For breakfast we had two slices of bread, an omelette, jam, butter and tea . As soon as we filled out stomachs with food we reached Lahore one hour later. Packed our suit cases and gave it to the pulley, took our stuff to the car and.............

That's it for sixteen hours stay tuned for more the trip isn't over yet.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


In Lionel’s speeches the students said to Lionel that you are a very difficult man to understand and your speeches to. Once Lionel was in a conference and a student asked him sir why is that you like difficult things? Lionel thought for a minute and answered I am not trying to be difficult, it comes naturally. When Lionel said this statement people were amazed and then Lionel was famous. He was happy of what he had accomplished.
This is a story of a boy who was different than many people and was going to do something big when he would grow up but he did not knew that and his name was Lionel. He lived in Germany. Lionel was an amazing child and the best thing was he liked to solve puzzles anything that was difficult. Lionel was a complexed child no one could understand him like his puzzles. He also had a difficult childhood; his father was a drunkard did all the bad things any father would forbid to do. Just like his father he lived in a very bad neighborhood the crime rate was very high the place was a mess. On the other hand his mother was not that bad she took care of the house and earned money for the bills and what so ever tried to keep the house clean, well she wanted a future for Lionel, she wanted Lionel to become a big man with a big house and an expensive car and whatever a rich man has.
 Lionel’s mother assured that he got the best education there is, Lionel went daily to school took tuition's at evenings. Lionel wanted to become a mathematician so his favorite subject was math and wanted to build a university. At the age of ten he had did what no other kid had done in the world complete all the books of math there is. His school was astounded of what he had achieved; Lionel’s mother fainted when she heard the news. Everyone was happy so far but Lionel was not happy of what he had achieved because for him his was a piece of cake and he said that in front of the reporters and everyone. He went to his house roof where he thought about his life and figured out and will now be headed into a much difficult field and that is science mainly physics and chemistry.
Lionel finished school at the age of 16 and decided to go study abroad in America. Lionel took some time learning the English language and then joined the University Science and technology. In class Lionel was the most quit and smartest student. Payed attention class completed his work/assignment on time and did not waste time. Lionel studied at home and did not go to parties or friends house. Side by side he was writing a book science questions that he ought to make a syllabus for his university that he will build. He did not just right one book but many and all of them difficult like him. The professors were flabbergasted by the work that they had seen from Lionel. Like nerds in other university Lionel was in his university. Homework’s from other students were given to Lionel to do and he did it. Lionel was the top student in his university and was given student of the year reward.  Lionel graduated at the age of twenty-three and the headmaster renowned Lionel the best student ever.

After Lionel graduated he got a job at a bank. He worked at the bank till he was made the manager of branch. He worked at the bank as long as he could gather money to build the university. He worked at the bank for thirteen years. Lionel retired from his job and opened the university he had dreamed since he was a kid. After five years the university had 500 students in his university. After some time he had started getting complains from the students that it is too hard for them to do the work, the questions were very difficult. Lionel thought about the questions and then changed them but in a very less manner of time. Once Lionel was in a conference and a student asked him sir why is that you like difficult things? Lionel thought for a minute and answered I am not trying to be difficult, it comes naturally. When Lionel said this statement people were amazed and then Lionel was famous. He was happy of what he had accomplished. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016


In the catacomb of Rome people lead tours. One day twelve people went in for a tour. They entered the catacomb the lights were fluctuating and it was very dark. All twelve people including the guide were scared. There were mountains of skull and bones. The catacomb is 2000 kilometers long, the largest in the world. They entered a place and one of them said "i think we are going in circles". The guide said"no we are on track". A girl called Emily got terribly scared. She looked at the guide's face. the guide looked confused as if he did not know where he was.
A unusually big skull from the roof was hanging, the man did not look and got hit on the head by the skull and died. So now there were eleven. Every one was inquisitive of what had recently happened. Everyone's heart was trembling, they all were sinking  in fear, eventually they buried him and went on to get out. They stopped for a break and let the guide remember. A women tried to explore the area and ultimately she got lost and then there were ten. The pressure on the guide was building up on how to get them out. The people started blaming the guide that he brought us here and this is his fault we are lost. One of them disagreed and told everyone that blaming is of no use, we have to find our way out. The guide was extremely worried that the fuel would finish. As they moved forward they saw an astounding design of skulls and bones lined up beautifully and beside it there was daylight coming in from up top, one of them said"this is our way out" and as they turned to look at each other with hope five of them disappeared. They made a run for it and only five escaped from the catacomb.

Written in ninth grade.         

Monday, October 3, 2016


Image result for an unfortunate dayTo start a incredible and peaceful day ,i decided to wake up early. I opened my window and a cold breeze relaxed me. I could smell the egg that my mom was making. I looked at the clock to see the time and i had plenty of time.

 I entered the bathroom there was a power cut and all of a sudden it all went taupe.It was 5 am in the morning. As i reached for my tooth brush i accidentally dropped a mug and it shattered. a voice came from downstairs, i was inquisitive to hear that voice. It was my moms voice. i came out from the bathroom she looked at me and went downstairs to make breakfast. Any ways i got ready for school and came downstairs and saw the usual, my dad reading newspaper and my mom cooking. As i sat down on the chair i fell down. When my mom came to help me she also dropped a vase, what an unfortunate day! i said to my mom brought me breakfast it was a fried egg and bread. I started sprinkling pepper and the cap loosen and all the pepper fell into my plate.

I entered the school bus and left for school, we were half way there when the tire got punctured. I grunted as i looked down and realized that i was wearing two different socks and my shoes were not even polished.

When i reached school and looked  at the reception clock and saw that i was thirty minutes. I was stealthy  trying to reach my desk when my English teacher caught me,what i terrible day i said to my self. She took me out of the class and rebuked me of coming late into the class. my teacher had a sardonic attitude. i was scared that she would take me to the principal, the student call the principal a tyrant but thank god the teacher did not take me there.

I reached home had lunch and decided to take a nap when suddenly there was a power cut.    

Friday, July 8, 2016


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 At Sunday i had planned to go to the park, so i woke up early in the morning. It was a beautiful day. I had done my breakfast and was on my way to the park.

 The park was a five minute drive from my home. When i reached the park, i got out of my car and entered the park. The weather was a bit chilly, i felt a cold chill run down my spine. The park was lovely, i could hear birds chirping and butterfly's fluttering past me. I could see the dew dripping from the leafs, i sat down on a bench and took off my shoes the grass felt wet because of the dew it felt relaxing. The smell of the flowers was all around the park and it smelt great. How the gardeners trimmed the hedges it was magnificent. I love this park because all of the things are natural even the walking track was made up of grass. I could see many kinds of birds and the environment of the park was so refreshing that it relaxed me so much.

After sitting some time i got my shoes on and walked towards the fountain. The fountain was made up of the finest wood and where the water came out from, it was carved into dolphins that let water out of there mouth it was one of the things i had never seen in the parks nearby parks. And now it was time to go home.
I had planned to go at night as well so i left my house at 8:16 pm. I reached the park at 8:22 pm. I entered the park and family's were leaving. The park was very quiet i hear insects like the cricket making sound or the sound of people talking and kids playing. The spotlights had opened and a cold breeze made me shiver. The wind made the trees move which made the leafs make clattering sounds. The birds were flying away to there homes because it was getting dark.

 It was  10:00 pm it was time for the park to close so we all had to leave. I reached my house, made a cup of tea and changed my cloths. I went to bed and slept because i was really tired after a long day.    

Monday, May 16, 2016


In the morning when i was walking on the pavement .A truck drove past me in some speed and dropped a wooden box .It was about five meters away from me and i hesitantly walked towards it .I had a sudden urge to pick up the box and i did and i examined it. Well, the box was locked and i started brain storming of what could possibly be inside .I tilted it towards the left and then towards the right and felt something moving inside .Like a box with in a box .My heart was racing and gulped down hard. I looked around to confirm that nobody was watching me and i took the box home. It was very sunny and the sweat caused irritation in my eye and suddenly, i reached home. I went up stairs to my room and placed the box on my desk. I brought a hammer and a big nail to open it and started to hammer but it would not open. the doorbell rang and shocked me and the hammer fell on my foot- a screamed pour out of my mouth and i was furious at who rang the bell. I went down to see who was there but my dad had already opened the door and a buffed up man was on the door. I heard them talk - the man told my dad that your son had something that belonged to me. My dad replied in a shock and came towards me and asked me in a whisper if i had that something that belonged to the man. I started to think what was in the box that was so important. Eventually i went upstairs got the box and returned downs stairs and handed it to him. While handing him the box i asked him why is it  important , the man the man replies its a matter of life and death and he took the box and ran away. At once , i ran out of the back door and followed him. He entered in a hospital i followed him entering in a room but was startled to find that he was a doctor. He opened the box with a key and took out a bottle and with a syringe he took  out a chemical and injected it into a patient the patient was instantly cured. The patient had been poisoned and was needed to be cured. I was thinking that there would be some kind of a weapon or something, anyways i went home and tried to sleep but i could not and turned on my side but suddenly, there was a sharp knock om my door.